ZSA Moonlander Mark 1 ergonomic keyboard

The ZSA Moonlander MK1 is an ergonomic keyboard with a difference! Split into two halves, foldable and portable with carrying case included, it allows you to dynamically adjust the angle and width of the whole keyboard.

You can type shoulder width apart, tilt it as you wish and reassign keys. ZSA claim that the typing at shoulder width keeps your chest open, leading to a more relaxed posture without hunching over the keyboard.

The mechanical keys are arranged in a columnar format for less reaching of the fingers above and below the home row.

The Moonlander is fully backlit, with programmable RGB LEDs under each key

Use them to light up the active keys on your current layer, remember shortcuts, and more.

You have a choice of ten different types of keyswitch when building your keyboard to get the right feel for you, these are also hot-swappable using the supplied tool-without voiding your no quibble two -year warranty!