Apple have refreshed their lineup of iMacs with a bit of a performance boost. Whilst cosmetically unchanged, with the same thick bezel around it’s 5K display we know and love, the new 27-inch iMac will come with a newer 10th generation Comet Lake processor, in six or eight core configuration. If you want even more power there’s a 10-core Intel Core i9 option too. Apple claim that these upgrades should provide a 65% CPU performance boost over last years model.

The graphics department hasn’t been overlooked either, with a choice of AMD Radeon 5300 XT or 5500 XT GPU, with 8GB of VRAM, or again an upgrade for power users in the form of a 5700 XT with double the VRAM at 16GB, giving 55% faster GPU performance.

What about storage? Well you now get a solid-state DDR4 drive in all models, for a marked improvement in read/write speeds. Standard configurations come with 256 to 512 GB, but for the well-heeled an extra large 8TB drive is an option.

The display is the same panel as the previous iMac models, albeit with a few tweaks. It now offers support for True Tone, which alters the color temperature of the screen to better match the ambient lighting conditions, and you can now upgrade the glass to a matte-finish nano-texture screen for reduced reflections/glare.

The good news is pricing remains the same as the old models, The 21.5-inch iMac starts from $1,099/£1099, with the 27-inch model starting at $1,799/£1799. They’re available for order now from