Choc Creator 2.0 Plus – Chocolate 3D Printer

Choc Creator 2.0 Plus – Chocolate 3D Printer

If the thought of printing your own creations in 3d form has so far failed to whet your appetite, we may have just the thing for you. The Choc Creator 2.0 Plus is a 3d printer with one important difference- it prints in liquid chocolate rather than plastic!

Aimed at caterers and private chefs, the tabletop device makes it easy to print items directly from a USB, and no computer is needed as it can be operated solely from the built-in LCD screen.

The manufacturer, Choc Edge says:

The Choc Creator V2 is a simple and versatile precision desktop Chocolate Printer. It was developed as a cost-effective solution for individuals, chocolatiers, entrepreneurs and small businesses to make innovative chocolate products – the possibilities are endless!

An easy-to-use temperature-controlled printing head and quick-install syringe mean that the printer can be refilled within a matter of minutes and the chocolate stays warm for up to a whole day. USB connectivity means that designs can be rapidly sent to the printer for creation. Designed to print accurate chocolate line tracks of 0.8mm with it’s FDA-approved Metal Nozzle – much finer and more precise than any current manual piping technique.

The new printer is perfect for long runs of logos, complex 2D designs and smaller 3D shapes – ideal for marketing companies producing corporate gifts, chocolate shops that produce personalised items, and any producer of food looking for a new way to add value to their products.

The CC2.0 Plus is available directly from the Choc Edge online shop for £ 1,980 GBP, with worldwide shipping. The demand for this could be huge as it makes it much easier to produce works of chocolate art that would’ve taken a master chocolatier previously!

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