Thor’s Hammer Water Bottle

Thor’s Hammer Water Bottle Price: $22.98 (as of 05/02/2023 23:40 PST- Details)

Thor Hammer Water Bottle XXL – The perfect gift for any Marvel fan.
LARGE CAPACITY – 1.7L (57Oz) capacity design.

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Strike a more impressive figure whilst out running with the mighty hammer of Thor in water bottle form! This 1.7l capacity version of Mjolnir will keep you hydrated whilst participating in your favorite exercise or activity of choice. We think it’s pretty cool although it might be a little awkward to actually drink from!

The perfect gift for any Marvel fan, Thor’s Hammer Water Bottle is made from food-grade PETG eco-friendly material, is BPA free and odorless so your drink should taste great and not of plastic. Be the god of thunder not the victim of thirst!

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