Invisible Pimple Healing Patch Facial Stickers

Invisible Pimple Healing Patch Facial Stickers Price: $16.99 (as of 08/04/2023 10:13 PST- Details) & FREE Shipping.

Flattens Acne Fast – Use these ‘stickers’ to help aid the healing of spots and acne. The use of  medical-grade hydrocolloid aids in absorbing pus and helps reduce spots within 4 hours.
Invisible Coverage – These are ultra thin, clear with matte finish to seamlessly blend with all skin tones.
Stays on Skin All Day, Night – Tapered edges keep patches adhered to skin, while effectively covering and calming blemishes.

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These are the new on-trend miracle patches to aid the healing and reduce the swelling of spots! These are ideal for spots and acne, pop one on overnight and let the sticker do all the work. You can use these during the day too as they are clear and will blend with any skin tone. Unqualified popping of pimples, whilst it might seem therapeutic (to some!),  can risk scarring, infection and more breakouts if  not performed correctly. These stickers remove the risk of infection and aid healing, reducing the risk of acne scars. This pack contains 2 sizes, 48 (10mm) and 48 (12mm) per pouch giving you 96 stickers in total.

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