Hot brushes are bang on trend at the moment, but why are they so popular?  Well it’s because we all want salon-fresh looking hair we can do ourselves at home!

The GHD glide hot brush is the tool you need. It not only looks elegant and sleek, it does the same for your hair, using ion technology to add shine and eliminate frizz for that healthy, bouncy blow dry look.
…tames and smooths dry hair quickly and effortlessly.

Designed to smooth out dry hair  it’s perfect for those “bad hair” mornings. The Glide combines long and short bristles and an even 185ºC to tame your flyaway mane with only a few strokes of the brush.

So, do I recommend it?

Well, I found the ghd glide brush quicker and easier to use than regular straighteners, providing a more natural look than the poker-straight style they create, which I actually prefer, but your mileage may vary!

The techy part:

  • Ceramic technology with ioniser heats up to a consistent 185 degrees- the optimum styling temperature, removing static, smoothing hair and creating shine
  • 2.7m professional-length cable (so no tripping up over an overstretched cable!)
  • High density bristles in varying lengths which allow you to style large sections of hair, creating a natural finish
  • Automatic Sleep mode after 60 minutes for extra peace of mind

The ghd glide hot brush is available now for around $130/£139.99

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