Dyson Corrale Flexing Plate Hair Straighteners

Dyson is always bringing us new technology, but what’s really exciting for me is their ventures into the world of beauty technology!

The Dyson Corrale straighteners are unique in that they are the only straightener on the market with flexing plates, designed to gather your hair as you straighten it.

Flexing Plates

Made of Manganese copper alloy, the flexing plates have 15 micro-hinged segments on each plate. This means they can flex and adapt to hair, controlling it during styling. Dyson claim that this flexibility allows you to create the same styles with less heat, resulting in half the damage of a regular straightener.

We discovered that if the plates could conform to the precise profile of the tress, then with each pass we could apply the correct tension to all the hair strands. This means that we get enhanced styling and without excessive heat damage. We simply do not need the heat that others apply. We engineered unique flexing plates of manganese copper, wired eroded to a precise accuracy of 65 microns to adapt to the shape of the hair tress. The copper plates wrap around the tress, applying even heat and tension to all the hair strands, keeping them aligned.

– James Dyson, Founder and Chief Engineer

Cordless Operation

The Corrale comes with a charging dock and a magnetic charging cable and offers up to 30 minutes of cordless styling, and can be fully charged in 70 minutes.  You can also boost this run time by replacing the straightener in it’s dock in between sections!

The technical stuff:

  • They have a charging dock or a magnetic charging cable, you can check the battery life using the OLED screen! (it’s not just for tv’s!)
  • The cordless styling is up to 30 minutes, it is fully charged in 70 minutes
  • You can change the temperature of the straighteners for your hair type, length and style with  three temperature settings available 330oF, 365oF and 410oF.
  • It has a sleep mode, and will shut off after 10 minutes of inactivity for your peace of mind when you are in a rush!
  • The box comes with a travel pouch, but the device also has universal voltage so you can take it everywhere with you (no more bad hair days!)
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