If you’re a cyclist you’ll be well aware of the hazards of turning in traffic. Signalling by sticking ones arm out as required by the Highway code can be a bit dangerous in dense traffic, not to mention almost useless at night. This innovation by UK startup Cycl may be just the solution to the problem. Winglights are neat LED indicators that quick-release on and off your bikes’ handlebars using strong magnets.

All you have to do to install them is remove your existing handlebar plugs and slide in the Winglight bar plug, a quick twist and it’s installed. Pop on the Winglight LED module which fits into the end and away you go. When you want to turn you just tap the button on the end of the Winglight and front and rear LEDs will start flashing, after 45 seconds they self-cancel so there’s no danger of leaving them switched on.

When you reach your destination you can thwart the vandals and thieves by whipping the Winglight LED parts off and sticking them back-to-back magnetically. You can then throw them in your bag or use the included carabiner to hang them somewhere handy. The Winglights are each powered by a CR2032 watch-type battery that should last 2000 uses before needing replacement.BUY NOW FROM WINGLIGHTS