Everyone likes to get a good full night of uninterrupted sleep. But if you’re anything like us this is something of a rarity! There always seems to be someone or something making noises that keep you awake. Or maybe your mind just can’t switch off.

Perhaps the SNOOZ White Noise Sound Machine may be the answer to these problems. Snooz is a white noise generator that utilises a real fan in an optimized acoustic enclosure to create the sound, unlike similar devices using speakers that have a looping soundtrack. What you get is real, natural white noise.

“As a room gets quieter your hearing becomes more acute. One of the key reasons white noise is effective is that it reduces the delta between your baseline sound and containment noise so many disturbances aren’t heard and the others sound much quieter (i.e. the “startle factor” is reduced).  SNOOZ literally smooths the bumps in the night”.

Volume and tone are adjustable and the SNOOZ can be remotely controlled as it is smartphone enabled.

The SNOOZ can be yours for $79.99.

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